Why Need it

Since last 10 to 15 years there is sudden increase in the number of patients, especially children. I am so much touched by the increasing number of children having dreadful diseases at an early stage of life. It is pity seeing them in painful conditions. Parents are also worried and it is a torture for parents as well. I want to help these children as well as their parents.
Are these children weak in constituency (Prakriti)???
Is their immunity so low that they cannot repel the negativities or fight the infections????
May be they are not well nourished during pregnancy mentally as well as physically!!!!!
There may be lot of other related reasons as well. I have tried to find out some of the possible reasons and listed them below. But I want to relate them with the practical reasons, so conducting this survey so that the people get aware that they are lacking somewhere on a very basic level.

My main aim and intention is to help would be parents to guide how to be blessed with a healthy and happy baby, as the base should be strong then only the building will be strong.

Why we people are suffering I think:

We are going away from our basic ethical, traditional and moral values. More we go away from our base more are our chances of falling . Other reason are we have disturbed the Ecological System to the extent that it has started draining our energies and that is why our immunity is getting low and we are affected by the diseases easily.
Changes in our life styles
Unhealthy food habits
Lack of ventilation at home
Uncordial environment at home
Geopathic stress at homes leading to recurring abortions , as it drains our energies.
Lack of harmony at home and in family members which disturbs the flow of healthy energies at home disturbing mental Peace of inmates and disturbing hormonal secretions and eventually the children to be born. When we live in peaceful combined families we are united (Kapha pradhan )and elderly persons take care of the mother to be and give her timely nutrition and advices. In united families there is bonding meaning affection to the mother and newly born .Now a days the families are single units so mother cannot fully take care of herself and the unborn child and men are not much aware what precautions should be taken during this time, so a feeling of loneliness and fear prevails during pregnancy and afterwards,affecting the child as well.
Female Foeticide is a blot on our society, we say we are becoming advance with time, what is this advancement aborting so many unborn babies creating a nuisance in the environment. Dead bodies of fully developed unborn female foetuses are being found here and there putting so much of questions in front of society.
Abortions also lead to weakness in the lady bearing babies, affecting the growth of new babies. Early Awareness and Urge for sexual relations in young generation is also a reason, which has increased the number of abortions creating weakness in the reproductive system of the girls, bothering them later in their life.
In some of our societies ladies are still considered a machine to produce children. They are treated badly even during pregnancy affecting the baby PSYCHOLOGY.
On the other hand in modern societies ladies are more independent and working. Marriages being delayed in lieu of studies and profession, so Delayed pregnancies (Eggs become weak when female ages, so are sperms, there motility and morphology gets disturbed when man ages, leading to recurrent abortions). Job stress of working women also affects the child in womb, physically as well as mentally.
New Generation is not willing to become parents and under take the responsibility of a child. They are not ready to go into a married life, they prefer the live in relations to marriage. As the society is following the western culture so we will also have to bear the western problems. The Psychological problems are maximum there and they are also on rise in our society. Reason when these couples get separated their children are the most affected being. Reason being the feeling of loneliness and insecurity, which increases the vat in body generating the vatik diseases.
Environment Degradation, water pollution, Global warming, Use of pesticides in cultivation has created lot of toxins in our body resulting in disturbed Menstrual cycles, polycystic ovaries in woman. Others metabolic Disorders are Diabetes ,Thyroid in men and women disturbing secretions of all the Healthy Hormones, resulting in fertility Problems. The assistance of Treatment using so much of Harmones also affect the growth and psychology of child.
While human advancement is and will always be inevitable, the results have often proved devastating. Currently there are more than thousands of chemicals being produced each year worldwide, many of them man-made, in the atmosphere, affecting human health adversely, through water, air, and soil pollution. Scores of which have been shown to cause everything from mild allergies to birth defects and chronic diseases. For the majority of those chemicals, there are few regulatory standards in place to ensure their safety, and that means serious health risks for modern would-be moms.
Researches show that people are being exposed to various environmental toxins such as; sulphur dioxide, hydro-carbons, carbon mono-oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, benzapyrine, pesticides and insecticides and people are suffering from skin diseases, eye irritation, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer etc. These toxins adversely affect the levels of both estrogen and progesterone in the body. Progesterone is another hormone that is critical to healthy reproduction, as it helps secure the fertilized egg to the uterine wall and prevent infertility and miscarriage. Other dangerous chemicals that can inhibit fertility include certain plasticizers (used in the manufacturing of plastic products, concrete, cement and drywall); PCBs (used in pesticides, commercial flame retardants, adhesives, paints, sealants, coolants and insulation); dioxins (the byproduct of industrial burning, as in medical waste incineration); and benzene (an industrial solvent and known carcinogen). Published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, one study examined the effects of toxic metals such as lead and mercury on fertility and found that “reduction of an increased heavy metal body load improved the spontaneous conception chances of infertile women.” For this reason, many targeted cleansing formulas focus on drawing out toxic metals from deep within the cells and tissues and removing them from the body.
Use of mobile phones and our exposure to electromagnetic radiations are other factors affecting the harmonal system of the body resulting in problems related to fertility.
The karams(works and deeds done in previous life, called the PRARABHDH) are also a reason.
The emotions and surroundings around us change our behaviour and nature. Children are affected by their upbringing and the surroundings where they spend most of their time. When they were brought up in combined families they were controlled by so many elders and educated at every step with ethics and Traditions .Now only Mother and Father are their Teachers, they too have limited time for their children so interaction time with child is reduced, affecting his mind set .He spends more time with the maid or the care taker and the affection grows towards them rather than parents.
If we read psychology, upto8 years child perceives the world around him and gives himself suggestibilities according to these perceptions. So these years are important in a child’s life, how will he behave later in his life mostly depends upon the nature developed in these years.
In Mahabharat Abhimanyu son of Arjun and Subhadra heard the strategy told by Arjuna to Subhadra about how to enter the chakravyuuh, when he was in womb of Subhadra. But when Arjuna was telling strategy to come out of it by breaking it, he slept so didn’t learn about it, means child perceives every knowledge given even when he is in the womb. Recently a video got viral on electronic media which was made by a doctor who recorded the movements of a foetus and her reactions to the circumstances ,as she was about to be aborted as she was a girl child, it mean that Foetus is aware of what is going around her in the outer world. I request ,Please take precautions during making love , so that u need not to do this type of crime(aborting a baby).
Mothers are told to read good stories and books when they are pregnant, as it affects the psychology of the child in the womb. Some of the children are born with extraordinary abilities to dance, to read, to learn, to sing etc, so these are some God Gifts either to the parents or for the born souls. It can be results of efforts done by parents before going for conceptions and during pregnancy and post pregnancy while bringing up child. Sometimes there is a change in the behaviour of children towards their parents, children now a days are sometimes reluctant to listen to their parents and obey them. They become moody and stubborn.
Old age homes were not in fashion in India, Living together in a combined family is the pride of India and we should try to stick to it. Mushrooming of Old Age homes in India is also a matter of concern for us, may be our survey can also relate to the factors for the upcoming changes in the society I want to relate all my studies with the practical, so I need a help from everyone who is a parent. I want to know every one’s mental status whether father or mother when they become a parent. Your co-operation will help me a lot to establish a link between practical and theoretical knowledge.
What we can do to rectify the problems being faced by some children and sometimes parents. May be we can help them to have good compatibility and help them make understand each other, by fusion of Neuroscience and doshas of the body, So that every human being is benefitted.
What are the affects of our thinking and our thoughts on the baby when we are planning for going in family way or we are thinking of extending our family. How does the behaviour of parents bringing up a child affects the children as well as parents.

May be we will be able to reduce the Number of children as patients and Number of Old Age homes in future !!!!!

Thanks in anticipation…
Dr. Inderjit Kaur