Importance of Garbhadhan

To bring forth a healthy and talented offspring into the world is one of most basic instincts of mankind. The Hindu scriptures discuss three main desires which influence Man on his onward journey in life. These desires are referred to as “Aishanas” : They are

“Putreshna” (to have a worthy offspring)
“Viteshna”(to possess wealth)
“Lokeshna” (to earn recognition)

Of these, the first, “Putreshna,” is the most sought after. Even persons who do not desire wealth and name, are always eager to have healthy, talented and worthy children. Even a spiritual guru is happy to have a worthy disciple who will carry his teachings and philosophy further after him.

Pregnancy is not a term it is a divine process of giving birth to another living being. It is the period from conception to birth. After the egg is fertilized by a sperm and,then implanted in the lining of the uterus, it develops into the placenta and embryo, and later into a foetus.It starts with Conception which is defined as the inception of pregnancy, or the exact moment when an egg is fertilized with a sperm.

Thus GARBHADHAAN SANSKAAR is the process of developing the course of childbirth into the most momentous experience and creation of a healthful conscious being.

Garbha’ is the foetus and ‘Sanskaar’ is the ritual performed for welcoming the arrival of the most awaited family member – The Baby. It is the preparation of both the would be parents, especially the mother who nurtures the baby in her womb for the upcoming desired course of time.

In Hindi it is called Garbhadhaana which is a compound Sanskrit word, means conception, impregnation or insemination. It is the first of the sixteen Vedic Samskaras (sacraments) and is meant to be performed by man and woman at an auspicious time and date for the sake of begetting the desired child. Garbhadhaana (literally gifting the womb with a seed that is placing the seed in the womb, for having a healthy baby), the rite through which a man places his seed in a woman is called “GARBHADHAANA” or by the performance of which a woman receives semen scattered by her husband is called GARBHADHAANA.

In Ayurveda and Astrology there are special references to it. The procedure starts almost 3-4 months prior to conception. A planned pregnancy is always superior in all aspects to an unscheduled one. This issue has been discussed in detail in the Ayurvedic classic “Charak Samhita.” Charak (the writer of this tome) mentions four main factors needed for bearing a healthy child. These are:

Pure Shukra (semen with sperm)
pure Artava (Ovum)
healthy Uterus (Kshetra) and healthy Genital Organs
And Time (Perfect or Auspicious kaal)

According to Charak before planning a conception, it is necessary for the couple to undergo a detailed process of purification of the body and mind. After completion of the purification, they must follow a proper regime of diet, usage of Rasayana (rejuvenation) and Vajikarana (virilization) practice appropriate regulation and control of their basic instincts, selection of season, time and place, enter into the process of COPULATION (SEXUAL INTERCOURSE )with full of consciousness.

The detoxification process is meant not only for those who may be suffering from some ailment or disease, but even for couples who are healthy and robust.
The Main purpose of Ayurveda is “Swasthasya swasthya rakhsanam” which means to maintain the health of a healthy person
and then comes “Aturasya vikar prashmanam ch” which means to treat the illness of a sick person. For those who are planning a pregnancy, it is essential that they prepare and create a healthy base for better germination.

Strengthening Shukra and Artava – Other than the detoxifying the inner body, it is also necessary to purify and nourish the Rasa Dhatu. Healthy Rasa Dhatu is the first step in the physical production of healthy Shukra (Semen with Sperm) and Artava (Menstrual flow and Ovum). Qualitative and quantitative lack of Rasa Dhatu adversely affects the Shukra and Artava both. Since, these are the last Dhatus which gets nourishments from the previous dhatu, it is obvious that due to lack of nutritional supply to these last Dhatus (Shukra in male and Artava in female) leads to increase in various kind reproductive disorders such as oligospermia, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, high morbidity and mortality of sperm count, thinness of semen etc in male, likewise in females, irregular menstrual flow,Ovarian cysts , ovarian dysfunction etc, which in turn increases emotional aggravation.

Mental fitness to transmit positive signals to the embryo –
Sexual frustration is an important factor in creating anger, and the bitterness created by anger leads to an imbalance in the female’s sexual organs and blood. Any growth in a woman in such a bitter and angry environment will also grow taking on these characters because those emotions are the foundation for the child’s constitution. An Ayurvedic writer “Vagbhatta” says, if a zygote can be infused with some of the immense satisfaction that a couple feels at the moment of orgasm, the child which develops will be more satisfied with life than a child whose parents were convulsed by powerful, twisted emotions at the time of conception.

Purification provides suitable environment for growth & development of foetus-
Charak says that a proper purification is essential before conception. One reason why cleansing prior to conception is so important is that it helps strengthen and tone the organs which will eventually experience increased stress during pregnancy and puts the entire body in peak condition for healthy fertilization.
Research indicates that herbal detoxification may also support proper circulation and help cleanse the uterine wall.

Keep off the side effects-
The benefits of Detoxification go beyond just supporting healthy conception. Experts agree that an excess amount of toxins in the body may be the cause of some of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, including nausea, heartburn, constipation, mood swings and low energy, but detoxifying the body prior to becoming pregnant can help alleviate these symptoms and ensure healthier, happier nine months.
An effective detoxification program prior to conceiving will also provide needed nutrient support for both mother and baby during pregnancy. This is especially important, since high toxicity levels in the mother’s body can cause poor mother-to-foetus nutrient absorption. Added herbal ingredients may also help strengthen the reproductive organs.
Every choice a woman makes prior to the conception, development and birth of her baby can have lasting effects on her own health and the health of her child. By utilizing the benefits of detoxification before becoming pregnant, every would-be mother can improve her overall well being and provide a healthful, nourishing environment in which her baby can grow and thrive.
Dietary regimen in pregnancy is one of the most essential aspect which should be taken care of , as the growth of the foetus solely depends upon the health and nutrition of the mother. According to Ayurveda the Ahara- rasa i.e. nutrition or energy obtained from the mother’s diet serves three important functions

1. Nourishment of the mother herself
2. Nourishment and growth of the baby and
3. Lastly preparation for formation of stanya, i.e. breast milk.

There is an increased need of balanced diet with good nutritional value during pregnancy, any negligence or deprivation in nourishment may affect physical and mental growth of the foetus or may lead to miscarriage, premature delivery or an underweight baby.
Some basic dietary rules should be followed such as
Have timely meals , it helps in proper digestion and keeps mother healthy.
Mother should have freshly prepared food, which is easily digestible and healthy. It should be a balanced diet providing necessary nutrition for mother and baby.
Dietary supplements like fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and ghee should be consumed regularly in desirable amount.

CHARAK SAMHITA Has separate SHARIR STHAN consisting of eight chapters regarding Detailed Knowledge about conception

a. Cleansing of body and Mind
b. How the body is formed
c. How mother and father contribute to baby
d. What are the best positions to conceive a baby, as with various positions there is dominance of particular dosha which can create dominance of that dosha in baby
e. What parts of the baby are formed from mother and father
f. What are the effects of environment on baby
g. What are effects of thinking of parents on baby

I will pick up the relevant matter only As going for further Details is not Necessary, we should concentrate only on the Healthy Baby, so my main emphasis is to teach you and give you whatever is good for you . And try to give you all the good combinations and formulations and instructions. still if you want to read in detail, do let me know, will provide you link to the detailed knowledge of sharir sthan.

So my main intention is to help a couple to clean themselves so that they are blessed with a child ,who is healthy and happy and considerate in all manners.

On psychological level we attract to the things we think and possess again and again, This also works when we are planning of baby and thinking what type of nature he/she should possess.
Here time chosen for conceiving also matters , it can be by chance(auspicious time ) or planned one.
These can be affects of PRARABHDH (The fruit of good deeds we have done in past….. according to Vedas). For example as mentioned in scriptures Dhiti gave birth to Hiranyakashipu (a devil) son of Swami Kashyap ji due to only as she forced her master Swami Kashyap ji at a wrong time for copulation. while Bhagat Prahlad was born to Hiranyakashipu (a devil) as the time choosen for conception was auspicious. There are special timings mentioned in the scriptures when we should go for conception and when we should avoid it. we have mentioned in detail the timings which are auspicious for conception in booklet we will provide you.

So It is the planning for the upbringing and development of the child. Both the mother and the baby get attached to each other by an inextricable innate bond, such that every minute act, thoughts, joys, sorrows, emotions, eating habits influences baby’s physical, mental and emotional growth. Further on as time passes by, the baby also recognizes and responds to mother’s voice and feelings. The mother can comfort the baby by expressing her love and care through her emotions.

With all my Love and blessings to the parents and babies .

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed

Dr.Inderjit kaur