General Instructions

General dietary food habits which needs to be incorporated throughout the pregnancy:
Dairy products –

a) Milk – Pasteurized milk should be taken at least twice a day , this not only provides energy and calcium but also is a good source of vitamin A and vitamin  B, promotes foetal growth and helps to generate ample amount of breast milk post labor.
b) Buttermilk – A small bowl of freshly prepared homemade buttermilk can be taken after lunch, it increases appetite, improves digestion and reduces complains of gases and swelling and prevents constipation.
c) Butter –  1-2 spoons of butter alone or with crystal sugar provides strength, increases appetite, adds glow to mother and baby’s skin texture, Prevents constipation and keeps complains of piles and fissures at bay.
d) Ghee – Ghee is the best internal oleating agent, it provides internal lubrication to the body along with softness. Ghee builds up strength and stamina of the mother, develops mental abilities like increased concentration, quick grasping, memory recalling, etc of the mother and the baby.
A pregnant woman should have minimum of 7-8 teaspoons of ghee singly or along with food every day.
An extra dose – During the phase of pregnancy there is increased demand of food, energy, blood levels, nourishment, and nutritional supplements like proteins, vitamin, fats, etc, few inclusions and changes in dietary patterns can benefit pregnant woman and baby exceptionally.
(e)Iron supplement – Black currants, lemon, amla, green leafy vegetables, beet, dates, dry or fresh figs, pomegranates, jaggery are a good natural sources of iron,  without any adverse effects like constipation which usually accompanies iron tablets.
For additive effects one can cook food in an iron utensil or immerse a preheated iron spoon into dal or curry.
b) Proteins – Dals, pulses, cooked sprouts specially moong , milk, eggs, lentils, preparation like rotis, parathas, from rice, wheat or jowar flour also serves the cause.
Avoid soya beans, kidney beans, grams, chick peas. Uncooked sprouts should also be avoided.
C) Water and fresh juices – Drinking water should be boiled properly for a minimum of 15mins, for additional benefits you can add a 24 karat gold piece into it while boiling. Water medicated with gold boosts up immunity, serves as a brain tonic. Coconut water is a good rejuvenating drink, it not only quenches the thirst but also takes care of the water levels and amniotic fluid during gravidity.
Freshly prepared juices of sweet lime, pomegranate, amla juice, kokam sharbet, lime juice can be consumed for maintaining mother & baby’s fluid levels, controlling acidity and for nutritional supplements. Packaged juices should be avoided as they contain added preservatives.
D) Fruits – Make it a habit to consume atleast one fruit daily, Seasonal fruits should be included. Fresh fruits like apple, pomegranate, figs, chickoo, amla, grapes, sweet lime, oranges are good for both mother and foetal health. One thing should be taken care of only sweet oranges, sweet lime and grapes should be consumed avoid sour ones as they may initiate cough. Mangoes should be eaten in small amount. Fruits like pear, guava, custard apples, water melons should be consumed rarely and in small quantity.
Strictly Avoid Papaya, pineapple, kiwi. No milkshakes.

E) Dry fruits – Two almonds soaked previous night should be eaten early morning it serves as brain tonic. Dates soaked in ghee provides nutrition, maintains haemoglobin level and also strengthens the bones, 15- 20 seeds of black currants facilitates proper digestion, it is a good source of iron, takes care of acidity and also provides energy.
2 Dry figs a day is a good source of iron and calcium, and in addition keeps constipation away. Apricots helps in formation of healthy muscle tissue, conserves energy, and builds good taste in mouth thus increases the appetite.
Avoid cashews, walnuts and pistachios.
F) Vegetables – Vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, pumpkin, okra (ladies finger), potatoes, ridge gourd, carrots, ash gourd, cabbage, gherkins, bitter gourd are good for health. Green peas, brinjal, cluster beans, french beans, capsicum should be consumed less as excess intake increases vata and pitta. Leafy vegetables like spinach and methi (fenugreek), Salads are good supplements of vitamins, iron & minerals and should be eaten in desirable amounts, excess intake of raw salads may hamper digestion. Adding coriander, mint, ginger, coconut serves additional benefits. Avoid eating jams, corn and mushrooms. Avoid eating aloevera completely. Avoid frequent intake of bakery products, frozen or canned foods, packaged fruit juices, junk foods like pizza, burgers, noodles, chinese food, fermented foods, stale food, cold drinks, aerated drinks, chips, non-veg. Avoid usage of additive colors, spicy and salty foods.
An essential inclusion – Panchamrut, it is a combination of ghee, curd, honey, milk and sugar and acts as an energy booster for both mom and baby and is a good brain tonic. 2-4 tsps of panchamrut should be taken early morning.
Honey – it builds up intellect, skin color & texture, is good for eyes, maintains equilibrium of doshas, sharpens memory and reduces morning sickness.
Saffron – Saffron(one flake only ) taken with warm milk and ghee enhances skin colour and texture, and strengthens heart of the foetus.
So would-be mothers follow this healthy Ayurvedic diet regimen and benefit yourself and your baby not only with good health but also superior brain.

I have experienced that during pregnancy if we follow some general remedies ,it really helps to achieve the smooth 9 months period and the baby which comes in this world has many qualities, which itself is a biggest treasure in this era.
Not only this but I have practically verified few where proper remedies of mars helped to have a normal delivery . Every body part and organs are related to a particular planet, as we know the growth of foetus is different in every month on that basis.
Every individual month is dedicated to a particular planet. By strengthening the particular planet, all the planets of incoming soul can be made strong.
1st Month:
As this month signifies union of egg n sperm, which is represented by Venus (Shukra). Venus gives the best results in the 1st month. If mother’s Venus is weak, then in the first month, mother will experience some problems. It’s important to make this Venus strong, Because first month is the most important month during pregnancy.
Remedies to keep this Venus strong:

• Husband wife should clean their pooja sthan
• Female should wear clean and wrinkle free clothes.
• Manage your house well.
Keep all the things in order and organized.

2nd Month:

2nd Month belongs to Mars (Mangal).
Mars governes bones and blood.
Healthy, beautiful, strong, fearless and brave child is possible only if the Mars is good.
Remedies for Mars (to be done in the 2nd month of pregnancy):
• Donate gur (jaggery)
• Avoid spicey food during this month.
• Wear Right hand copper kada (Bracelet)
• Don’t wear red clothes
• 10 gm mishri, boil in milk and drink.

3rd Month:

It belongs to Jupiter (Brahaspati or Guru). If mother’s Jupiter is strong, child’s skin is beautiful.
The children obey their mothers. The children grow up very intelligent.
Remedies to make Jupiter strong:
• Read and discuss literature and science in the third month.
• If Jupiter is very weak, then don’t eat haldi and stay in the company of guru.
• Apply tilak of white sandalwood and kesar or Haldi and Kesar.

4th Month:

4th Month of Pregnancy belongs to Sun. (Surya).
For the soul up liftment and righteousness, Sun is important.
If mother’s Sun is strong, the child will have a strong face, and this child will be intelligent in Maths and Philosophy. He or she will achieve great heights in society through his thinking and strong speech. The child will be very impressive and will have a spark in eyes.
Remedies to make SUN strong:
• In the 4th month, sit in front of the rising sun and do Gayatri Mantra path.
• Drink lots of water in copper glass
• Practice some art.
• Don’t eat food that makes acidity.

5th Month:

This month belongs to Moon (Chandra). If mother’s moon is good and strong, the child’s behavior and emotions is well – balanced.
This child is happy child and scientific in approach. Both husband and wife must do these remedies to make sure their child has good moon. If the father is greedy, selfish or ignorant, then no matter how strong the mother’s moon is, the child will have a bad moon.
Remedies to make MOON balanced:
• Drink water in silver glass. Avoid refrigerated water.
• In this month, remove the copper bracelet (karha) and wear a silver bracelet in your right hand.
• Also, wear a silver ring in your Kanishtha finger. (smal finger)
• Discuss spiritual literature and discuss scientific things during this month
• Do Anulom vilom.
• Eat juicy fruits.
• Mix 1 tablespoon of Ghee in a glass of warm milk and also, add a little amount of sugar in it. Drink this milk every morning and evening.
• Do japa of “Om namah shivaya” or Mahamrtiyunjay mantra.

6th Month:

This is the month of Saturn (Shani). Important to make Saturn strong to have good nervous system.
If Saturn is weak, the child may have breathing related problems as .
Remedies to make your Saturn strong :
• Avoid eating food that creates gas in your body. (Don’t eat stale food)
• Also wear an iron bracelet or ring.
• Make sure that you don’t have any iron-deficiency. Eat food that’s rich in iron.
• In the water that you use for bathing, add some ‘bel patra’ in it and then have a bath.
• Plant 5 peepal trees (both husband and wife should do it)
• Discuss national, social and scientific issues.
• Daily recite Gayatri and  Maha mrityunjay Mantra or Om namah shivaya mantra.

7th Month:

7th month of pregnancy belongs to Mercury (budha) responsible for making your child mentally active, very intelligent and smart.
Good mercury makes sure your child won’t have any mental problem.
Remedies to make your Mercury Strong:
• Do “Om” Japa.
• Study Maths
• Remove iron bracelet or iron ring.
*Can donate grass to cows

8th Month:

8th Month belongs to your Ishta Devta.
Whoever your Ishta devta is, worship him religiously during this month.

9th Month:

9th month is the time when the child has to be born.
This month again belongs to Moon – the karaka of mother.
Remedies to make MOON balanced:
• Drink water in silver glass. Avoid refrigerated water.
• In this month, remove the copper bracelet (karha) and wear a silver bracelet in your right hand.
• Also, wear a silver ring in your Kanishtha finger. (smal finger)
• Discuss spiritual literature and discuss scientific things during this month
• Do Anulom vilom.
• Eat juicy fruits.
• Mix 1 tablespoon of Ghee in a glass of warm milk and also, add a little amount of sugar in it. Drink this milk every morning and evening.
• Do japa of “Om namah shivaya” or Mahamrtiyunjay mantra.

Dr. Inderjit kaur