Nature’s Responsibilities in Pregnancy

Nature has given a great responsibility i.e., “Pregnancy” to human body. Now-a- day due to competitive life, the advance generation desire only one child and willing that their child should be physically, mentally & intellectually stronger than them. Youngsters possess better management skills for every event. Pregnancy should be priority and planned, not by accident. It should be by choice. But in stressful society couples give more importance to carrier than family and so not paying attention towards proper marital age, sex timing , Daily routine and taking care of routine when seasons changes(dincharya & rutucharya). As a result they are more prone to physical & psychological problems. In this stressful life most of the time pregnancy is unplanned.
It is the need of this era to revitalize the ancient methods of health care to incorporate it . Many couples become parents without much preparation for this important responsibility. Previously in traditional Indian joint families, the young mother got the help and advice of other family member’s .With changing patterns of life style, the joint family pattern is breaking up and the young couples are facing many problems. Every couple has the innate desire to experience the joy of parenthood.
Our future depends how well we have planned in our present. We spend so much time and money in planning investments that will help us live securely and happily in old age.
So for supraja, the couple should follow the Ayurvedic principles before conception as well as during pregnancy. Ayurveda is not only medicine system but it is holistic way of life. It takes care of all aspects of human wellbeing i.e., physical, mental and spiritual. Ayurveda has got many interventions. According to ayurvedic principles for healthy progeny, the couple must need to have proper care before conception as well as during pregnancy.
Ayurveda gives great importance for the preconception care and care during pregnancy (garbhini paricharya), so as to ensure a healthy and successful progeny i.e., supraja .
To Identify the risk factors for adverse maternal & foetal outcome.
Educate & Counsel the couple & treat the medical conditions prior to conception.
Taking care of maternal and foetal health.
It prepares the couple physically as well as mentally.
Preconception care begins with the selection of the right partners. It was clearly mentioned in Ayurveda that for marriage and conception, the partners should be of same community and should not be of same clan (atulya gotriya) . The reason for this might be to reduce the risk of hereditary diseases and to avoid congenital anomalies. Parents should be young at the time of conception so that all the dhatu, the reproductive systems are fully formed and mature. Both the partners attain the optimum physiologic functioning of the organs. Hence are capable for procreation. Both the partners are full of vitality and vigour, the born child also possesses these qualities. The baby who is given birth at this stage is Healthy and happy as compared to the babies produced at later stage

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