5 Healthy Habits to Pick Up During Pregnancy

The thought of child itself catalyse the hormones of excitement and anxiety within a human body, and when doctor announces you are going to become a mother, happiness seems no bound. However, good things don’t happen that easily, and the same goes with pregnancy, as for nine months not just you, but the whole family would be put to test. As an aspiring mum, a lot of things change, right from your life perspectives to lifestyle, so, here we are listing five health-habits to follow during pregnancy:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Women those who are pregnant are always thirsty, the reason being the baby drinking water in the womb. However, as several studies across the globe, drinking water via plastic bottles is a bad habit during pregnancy, as these bottles carry germs which may leach chemicals from the plastic into the water and ultimately into the body. Keeping this mind, it’s better to drink fresh water.

2. Eat Less, but More Often

Hunger pangs are usually associated with pregnancy, but don’t eat large amount in one go. Simply, ease the feeling of hunger by having some quick healthy snacks like a handful of nuts or an apple. A study done in the year 2002 reveals sudden obesity during pregnancy may increase the likelihood of a woman giving birth to a child with autism. Therefore stay clear of unhealthy stuff, like your favorite fast food.

3. Regular Exercise

Upon, discussion with your doctor ask for recommendations on what exercise you can do. During the first few months of your pregnancy, light yoga sessions and walking are two great ways to keep your heart rate going, maintain the blood flow in the body, and to give yourself a boost of energy ensuring your well-being. The best part about daily exercise for at least 20 minutes is that prevent your gaining weight while you are pregnant.

4. Take Care of Teeth

Pregnancy hormones do cause a lot of changes in a woman’s body, right from stomach bump to eating habits, and the mouth too. Hormonal changes that occur while you pregnant may actually augment of the risk of developing gum or gingivitis problems. thereby, a taking optimal care of your mouth is a good habit to pick during pregnancy. that’s why the doctor says the secret to a healthy pregnancy is regular flossing and brushing. And, lastly, don’t skip your regular dental check up.

5. Say No to Stress

Why stress up pregnancy, when you have people taking care- your husband and in-laws? it is a joyous phase of your life, with happy news around the corner, just chill out and think positive. Focus more on how beautiful your life going to be after the birth of your child. The stress, on the other hand, may have a serious toll on your body physically and mentally- and on your baby too, so avoid stress.

These five habits are worth following during pregnancy, and there are many more, so keep following this blog during your pregnancy.

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