4 Rules of Thumb to Follow After Your Positive Pregnancy Test

Not just the prospective mother and father, but for the whole-the in-laws, the cousins- the news of pregnancy is like a divine blessing straight from their gods in heaven. Life seems to take a heavenly turn for the couple, things which early bothered them, like their jobs, earnings and savings, all such aspect of life go for a toss, at least for the time being.  The mindset of life changes, now they are more concerned, guess whether their offspring will be a boy or a  girl, search names for him or her, and some even go that extra mile in predicting that their child will be a doctor or an engineer.

But hey, hold your horses for the time being as baggage of responsibilities are associated with the nine months of pregnancy, it is a phase when uttermost care is required to get bestowed with a child, who has physical characteristics of a normal newborn. Here, we list top four rules of thumb to obey immediately after you  are confirmed pregnant by the doctor, so roll down and jolt then down:

1. Call out Friends and Relatives

Though, some of the couples love to keep the secret up to them, it’s great to let your friends and relatives know about the news of you bearing a child, and especially the old timers,’ as they have knowledge on how to deal with the initial burst of excitement, stress, and anxiety associated with pregnancy.

2. A dietary plan

A positive pregnancy plan doesn’t mean you have to live on a stiff diet plan, in fact, it’s the opposite. Since you have a bun in your oven, with the help of your hubby and relatives chalk out a diet plan to ensure you and your baby in the womb are getting nourished well.  You can also consult a dietician for more information on the fruits and veggies to consume, and in what quantity during the initial days of pregnancy. Foods to avoid during pregnancy is always being hot over the internet, however, it’s best to let your doctor to cross things you don’t have to consume while pregnant. Apart from the above, the tip to follow is to ensure the food is evenly and properly cooked.

3. Stay Clear of All Your Bad Habits

When it comes to alcohol while pregnant, there is a lot of misleading stuff floating around, and some studies suggest that a glass or two once in a week will do no harm. However, it is advised to say goodbye to all your bad habits, if any, like smoking, drinking alcohol, or any other thing term bad by the doctors.

4. Regular Dental Checkups

Pregnancy may have a toll on a woman’s teeth and gum, therefore, it is of paramount importance to get your teeth check up regularly. And, this became even more significant because the patient suffering with during pregnancy may lead to premature delivery, intrauterine growth issues, and even preeclampsia in rarest of rare case.

Wrapping up, the tips are great to adhere immediately to your positive pregnancy test. But, keep following this blog for more.

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